RDAP Study Guide

The Bureau of Prisons’ Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is a comprehensive treatment initiative for inmates with substance abuse problems, which provides intensive drug treatment therapy in a residential Bureau of Prisons setting. The program typically lasts 9 months and is structured around cognitive-behavioral therapy, which aims to change incarcerated individuals’ thinking and behavior related … Read more

Ex-Felons Who Found Success After Prison

Life after incarceration can often seem like a daunting path filled with uncertainties. However, as many who have been justice-impacted will tell you, the journey towards success after prison as you rebuild and redefine oneself can pave the way for remarkable, satisfying, meaningful success stories. The stories featured here are testaments to the strength of … Read more

How Much Time Will Trevor Milton Serve in Prison?

Trevor Milton is a former businessman, best known for founding and serving as the executive chairman and CEO of Nikola Corporation. Nikola, established by Milton in 2014, was focused on developing semi trucks powered by batteries and hydrogen. However, Milton’s career took a significant downturn following allegations of fraud. In September 2020, he resigned from … Read more

Disciplinary Infractions in the Federal Prison System

A disciplinary infraction, known in prison as “a shot,” is a violation of the prison’s rules and regulations, and recognizing these transgressions is important for maintaining order within the facilities. For the outside world, getting to grips with what constitutes a disciplinary infraction inside penitentiary walls can paint a vivid picture of daily life behind … Read more

How to Find the Contact for an Incarcerated Individual

Maintaining contact with those who are serving time in federal institutions is both a means of support for the inmate and a comfort to those on the outside. But unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, it can be difficult to establish contact especially if the incarcerated individual has recently transferred institutions. If you are trying … Read more

How to Receive Early Termination from Federal Probation

Understanding the criteria and process for securing an early termination of federal probation is very important, as it equips individuals with clear goals towards which they must work and offers tangible hope for a future unencumbered by federal probation, also known as supervised release. One of the unique features of the federal probation system is … Read more

What is Compassionate Release and How Do I Get It?

Compassionate release can be a beacon of hope for the incarcerated and their families. Compassionate release is a provision that allows for the early release of inmates from prison due to extraordinary and compelling circumstances, most commonly concerning the individual’s health or family matters. In the United States, compassionate release procedures are established under the … Read more

Tips for Allocution You Give at Sentencing

When facing a courtroom, the moment to speak directly to the judge during sentencing is known as allocution. This is your personal opportunity to express remorse, explain circumstances, or otherwise influence the court’s sentencing decision. Understanding the power of a well-delivered allocution can be incredibly beneficial, as it provides a final, humanizing appeal to the … Read more

Getting a Job After Prison

Navigating the job market post-incarceration presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for individuals looking to reintegrate into the workforce. In a society where the label of a former offender can hinder employment prospects, having a clear strategy is crucial for overcoming barriers to employment. Access to current resources and support systems can significantly … Read more