Ex-Felons Who Found Success After Prison

Life after incarceration can often seem like a daunting path filled with uncertainties. However, as many who have been justice-impacted will tell you, the journey towards success after prison as you rebuild and redefine oneself can pave the way for remarkable, satisfying, meaningful success stories. The stories featured here are testaments to the strength of … Read more

How to Receive Early Termination from Federal Probation

Understanding the criteria and process for securing an early termination of federal probation is very important, as it equips individuals with clear goals towards which they must work and offers tangible hope for a future unencumbered by federal probation, also known as supervised release. One of the unique features of the federal probation system is … Read more

Getting a Job After Prison

Navigating the job market post-incarceration presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for individuals looking to reintegrate into the workforce. In a society where the label of a former offender can hinder employment prospects, having a clear strategy is crucial for overcoming barriers to employment. Access to current resources and support systems can significantly … Read more

Handling Negative Reactions When People Learn You’re a White Collar Criminal

The revelation of being a white-collar criminal can trigger an array of negative reactions from one’s social and professional circles. These reactions often stem from a societal understanding of white-collar crimes, which can include fraud, embezzlement, or other non-violent offenses typically committed by individuals in professional occupations. How one navigates through these reactions not only … Read more

Can You Smoke Weed While on Federal Probation?

Federal probation is a period of supervised overwatch by the U.S. legal system in which offenders must adhere to certain conditions set forth by a court. With the evolving landscape of marijuana legalization in various states, it might seem that the acceptability of cannabis use should also change on the federal level. However, since federal … Read more

Parenting After Prison: Rebuilding Bonds and Navigating Challenges

Reentering family life after incarceration is a profound transformation that presents significant challenges and opportunities for growth. For those who have experienced the rigor of the penal system, adjusting to the role of a parent post-prison can be a monumental task, as it entails not only the reestablishment of familial relationships but also the reconstruction … Read more

Cultural Reintegration: Adjusting to Changes When Re-Entering from Prison

In the landscape of social reintegration, the challenge of cultural assimilation for individuals exiting the criminal justice system has taken on new dimensions in recent years. With rapid advancements in technology, shifts in social norms, and the evolution of communication methods, the task of readjusting to society’s expectations post-incarceration is becoming increasingly complex. Understanding this … Read more

What Happens if You Violate While on Supervised Release?

Understanding the consequences of violating the terms of supervised release is critical not only for those directly affected but also for their loved ones and communities. Supervised release is a period of oversight by the U.S. Probation Office after an individual has served their prison term, aimed at easing reintegration into society while protecting public … Read more

International Travel With a Criminal Record

Traveling with a criminal record can present significant challenges and complexities. The restrictions and regulations vary considerably from country to country, making international travel a daunting task for those with a criminal history. This often requires extensive research and possibly legal assistance to navigate the varying entry requirements, visa policies, and border control checks. Consequently, … Read more

The Home Confinement Scam: What to Know

Sadly, scams targeting incarcerated individuals as well as their loved ones became commonplace in 2023, including identity theft and what is known as “the home confinement scam.” As per the warning posted by the Acting Attorney General of Pennsylvania: There are several variations of this scam and it is not only an issue impacting Pennsylvania … Read more