Entrepreneurship as a Path Forward

Understanding the intricate details of entrepreneurship is increasingly valuable for those seeking to make a meaningful impact in their career or community. This path holds substantial promise especially for individuals who have reintegrated into society following a period of imprisonment. Among the myriad of success stories, a common thread is woven with persistence, strategic planning, … Read more

Ex-Felons Who Found Success After Prison

Navigating life post-incarceration can appear to be an intimidating journey riddled with unknowns. Yet, as numerous individuals affected by the justice system have experienced, the path to achievement upon leaving prison, as you reconstruct and reshape your identity, can lead to extraordinary, fulfilling, and significant accomplishments. The stories featured here are testaments to the strength … Read more

How to Receive Early Termination from Federal Probation

Understanding the criteria and process for securing an early termination of federal probation is very important, as it equips individuals with clear goals towards which they must work and offers tangible hope for a future unencumbered by federal probation, also known as supervised release. One of the unique features of the federal probation system is … Read more

Getting a Job After Prison

Exploring employment opportunities after being incarcerated involves a distinct combination of hurdles and potential openings for those aiming to return to the labor force. In a society where being tagged as a previous convict can impede job opportunities, it’s vital to have a well-defined plan to surmount employment obstacles. Having access to up-to-date resources and … Read more

Handling Negative Reactions When People Learn You’re a White Collar Criminal

The exposure as a white-collar offender can provoke a series of adverse responses from both social and work-related groups. These reactions frequently originate from a collective comprehension of white-collar offenses, encompassing activities like fraud, embezzlement, or other non-violent crimes often perpetrated by people in professional roles. The manner in which one handles these responses can … Read more

Can You Smoke Weed While on Federal Probation?

Being on federal probation means the U.S. court system keeps an eye on you, and you gotta follow some rules they set up. Now, with more states saying “yes” to marijuana, you’d think the big guys in Washington might loosen up about weed use at the federal level. **But, here’s the kicker: because the feds … Read more

Cultural Reintegration: Adjusting to Changes When Re-Entering from Prison

Within the context of social reintegration, individuals released from the criminal justice system are confronting more complex challenges regarding cultural assimilation, especially in recent times. The swift progression of technology, changes in societal norms, and the transformation of how we communicate have heightened the complexity of reintegrating into societal roles after serving time. Grasping the … Read more

What Happens if You Violate While on Supervised Release?

Grasping the repercussions of breaching the conditions of supervised release is essential for both the individuals under supervision and their surrounding communities and family members. Supervised release involves monitoring by the U.S. Probation Office following an inmate’s release from prison, designed to facilitate their smooth transition back into society and ensure the safety of the … Read more

International Travel With a Criminal Record

Hopping from one nation to another with a rap sheet can feel like trekking through a maze blindfolded. Each country plays by its own set of rules, turning what should be an exciting trip into a hefty pile of homework. If you’ve got a checkered past, you’re looking at hours glued to your screen, digging … Read more