What Happens if You Violate While on Supervised Release?

Understanding the consequences of violating the terms of supervised release is critical not only for those directly affected but also for their loved ones and communities. Supervised release is a period of oversight by the U.S. Probation Office after an individual has served their prison term, aimed at easing reintegration into society while protecting public … Read more

International Travel With a Criminal Record

Traveling with a criminal record can present significant challenges and complexities. The restrictions and regulations vary considerably from country to country, making international travel a daunting task for those with a criminal history. This often requires extensive research and possibly legal assistance to navigate the varying entry requirements, visa policies, and border control checks. Consequently, … Read more

The Home Confinement Scam: What to Know

Sadly, scams targeting incarcerated individuals as well as their loved ones became commonplace in 2023, including identity theft and what is known as “the home confinement scam.” As per the warning posted by the Acting Attorney General of Pennsylvania: There are several variations of this scam and it is not only an issue impacting Pennsylvania … Read more

Repair Your Personal Search Results Page

Those of us who have been involved in the criminal justice system understand there are consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom, and perhaps none is as damaging as the impact legal issues can have on your personal online search results page. In 2023, the importance of your personal online search results page cannot be … Read more