What is the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)?

The RDAP, short for Residential Drug Abuse Program, is a rigorous treatment initiative for substance abuse facilitated by the federal Bureau of Prisons. Participants who are actively engaged in the program reside in a specialized therapeutic community, set apart from the main prison populace. They undergo substance abuse sessions for half the day, accumulating to … Read more

Repair Your Personal Search Results Page

Those of us who have been involved in the criminal justice system understand there are consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom, and perhaps none is as damaging as the impact legal issues can have on your personal online search results page. In 2023, the importance of your personal online search results page cannot be … Read more

How to Calculate How Much Time You Will Actually Serve in Federal Prison

One of the strange complexities of preparing for federal prison is it’s not always clear how much time you’ll serve in prison, even after sentencing. This is largely due to the existence of programs where an incarcerated individual can earn time credits to reduce their period of incarceration. It is these programs, outlined below, that … Read more