What is Compassionate Release and How Do I Get It?

Compassionate release can be a beacon of hope for the incarcerated and their families. Compassionate release is a provision that allows for the early release of inmates from prison due to extraordinary and compelling circumstances, most commonly concerning the individual’s health or family matters. In the United States, compassionate release procedures are established under the … Read more

Can You Get Alcohol in Federal Prison Camp?

Despite strict regulations and the ostensibly pervasive oversight in federal prison camps, contraband substances, including alcohol, have been known to permeate these institutions. The existence and consumption of such a beverage within the walls of minimum-security facilities not only underscore the perennial issue of contraband management but also highlight concerns regarding inmate health and prison … Read more

Writing a Book While Incarcerated

Writing a book while incarcerated presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Overcoming the limitations of the prison environment, many individuals find that writing becomes a powerful tool for self-expression, personal growth, and even impacting the world beyond the prison walls. Embracing the art of writing can afford inmates a sense of purpose and … Read more

How to Receive a Social Furlough

Social furloughs, part of community or family visitation programs offered by some federal prison camps, offer a brief leave from prison under certain circumstances like a death in the family or other special circumstance. Social furloughs from federal prison camp can allow the incarcerated to opportunity to be with loved ones and maintain crucial family … Read more